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Real Diamond 18 Kt Yellow Gold  Pendant
Catalog :3321 Items(12)
USD $6,749.21
Real Diamond 18 Kt Yellow Gold  Earring
Catalog :3320 Items(12)
USD $4,933.15
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Women Real Jewelry Wholesale USA

Women are always passionate when it comes to jewelry since it portrays who they are as women. It also shows the kind of status a woman belongs. We at Zaasmart also believe that precious jewelry serves to symbolize the feminine nature of women and above all it makes women look pretty, beautiful and confident at all times.

Zaasmart takes the passion women have in jewelry seriously, and hence we strive to provide real jewel for women which are genuine and tested. We have precious real gold and diamond jewelry for you to purchase.

Certified Precious Jewelry Wholesale Online Supplier

Zaasmart as a leading provider of women jewelry takes with utmost seriousness the desires of our customers to obtain real gold and gems. Therefore we chose our silver to gold hallmark for BIS certification, and we can confidently say from that initiative Zaasmart has real 18k gold, 22k gold, and 24k gold.

Zaasmart didn’t stop there we also certified our diamond jewelry, and we also recommend you to buy real certified diamond jewelry. For certainty, we sent six diamonds to different testing laboratory entities including ECL, GSI, IGI and HRD and this is where they test for color grading and clarity. Hence the recommendation to buy only GIA and AGS certified diamond.

Current Trends in 22-Carat Gold Wholesale Jewellery Online Shopping

Women want to buy jewelry because they want to look pretty and beautiful with charming and dazzling pieces of jewelry, women always want to upgrade their natural beauty with this precious jewelry, and they cannot do so without current trends in jewelry. Therefore at Zaasmart we continually update our catalog with modern precious jewelry both in gold and rich stones.

Here Zaasmart compiled the most recent modern jewelry that you can purchase.

Precious Ornaments Catalogs

Mangalsutra necklace; this is a black and gold beaded necklace and has gold or diamond pendant and is usually a sacred custom in Hindu tied to a woman during the wedding. This precious jewelry has become a modern trend in women, and we recommend you to purchase since it’s in demand lately.

Pendant; there is a loose-hanging piece of jewelry attached to a loop of a necklace, and together it makes a newest pendant necklace. There are also modern pendant earrings in our catalog that you can also purchase.

Zaasmart also has other range of modern jewelry for women that are coated with gold and diamond, and they include earrings, rings, bracelets, and bangles. We have other Indian women jewelry that is modern and trendy including Braid jewels, waistband, graceful armlet, the epitome of culture and foot harness.

Gold Types in Precious Women Jewelry

Gold jewelry for women is not pure Gold, but an allow a mixture of other metals like silver, copper, zinc, nickel, and palladium. They are mixed to bring the different colors of gold, i.e. rose, white, green and yellow. We have all the jewelry that is combined with the above allows and they are pure with clarity.

Yellow gold is made by mixing pure gold with silver, copper, and zinc. This combination is the most natural color and does not require you to maintain it all the time. White gold is made of gold and palladium. This type of gold is durable, and it is scratch resistant and is cheaper than yellow gold.

Rose gold is mixed with copper, gold, and silver and is more affordable than any other color.

Green gold is mixed with silver, gold, and copper. Silver is responsible for the green appearance.

We at Zaasmart provided the above guidance most importantly for you to consider what you want from the types of gold. We also feel your financial might such that you will be able to choose what is real and what you can be able to afford to purchase. And from the above analysis, you can be able to make your own decision.

Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Unique Designs of Girls Ornaments

Zaasmart offers unique designs in our jewelry. We understand the needs of women, and therefore our main aim is to ensure that women get what they need regarding designs and styles. Zaasmart reminds women that they are a remarkable people in their feminine journey with a sweet design of necklaces, bracelets which are crafted and designed from a Gold plate and sterling silver. These pieces are playful and stunning, and we make them inspiring to women who have started or on the adventure of embracing women jewelry to maintain or upgrade their beauty.

The design is what we are, and what we aspire to always improve on as an image or symbol of our commitment, to uphold our mission and vision of a leading giant distributor of genuine gold and diamond jewelry for women. Zaasmart celebrates female empowerment in elegant styles and beautiful designs that no other entity can provide or dare compete to provide.

We have a design team who are ready to handle our customer’s needs concerning designing their particular style and requirements. We take your concern seriously, and we are there to your satisfaction.

Add a new perspective to the design look with our designer jewelry at Zaasmart, and you will be at another level in the women jewelry fashion. We supply ornaments for every occasion which is unique in its style. Be it marriage, party or festival, our designs are for all occasions.

Pieces of Precious Jewels Every Lady Should Own

Zaasmart has stock of classic pieces of jewelry which are designed to last a lifetime. We reiterate that our pieces of jewelry are real gold and diamond that are tested and certified by recognized certification and testing bodies and therefore our stock is what you need if long-lasting pieces are your priority.

  • A gold chain - if worn singularly it's fabulous and elegant, and if layered in a mismatching way it is a touch bohemian. Regardless of how you dress, it can be a tremendous essential need.
  • A charm bracelet - this allows a woman to create her style that is simple but classy and trendy. The original old day's design of a bracelet was more massive, but the current times new one is taken it to another level where it is lighter and meaningful in design.
  • Diamond studs; this is the epitome of class and elegance. A pair of diamond can be the perfect way to sparkle and make a woman a little out of the ordinary. The studs are shiny and classy and most women adore it.
  • There are several other pieces of jewelry that a woman should own, so many that we can’t exhaust them in giving a detailed review but we can list them for you to be able to update yourself and order for them from Zaasmart. They include; A gold bangle, A carter tank watch, Stacking rings, A cocktail ring, Pearls, A diamond tennis bracelet, and Gold hoop earrings.