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American Diamond Alloy  Wedding Mangalsutra
Catalog :3792 Items(25)
USD $178.29
American Diamonds Alloy  Pendant
Catalog :3791 Items(18)
USD $128.60
Plain Alloy  Necklace
Catalog :3790 Items(5)
USD $146.47
Real Diamond 18 Kt Yellow Gold  Ring
Catalog :3322 Items(13)
USD $5,724.31
Real Diamond 18 Kt Yellow Gold  Pendant
Catalog :3321 Items(12)
USD $7,197.83
Real Diamond 18 Kt Yellow Gold  Earring
Catalog :3320 Items(13)
USD $5,733.29
Real Diamond 18 Kt Yellow Gold  Bracelet
Catalog :3319 Items(5)
USD $5,623.05
Gold Plated 92.5 Purity Silver  Bangles
Catalog :1412 Items(20)
USD $2,227.29
Plain 92.5 Purity Silver  Bracelet
Catalog :1411 Items(41)
USD $1,950.49
Gold Plated 92.5 Purity Silver  Wedding Mangalsutra
Catalog :1387 Items(16)
USD $606.16
American Diamond 92.5 Purity Silver  Promising Ring
Catalog :1386 Items(50)
USD $1,280.98
American Diamond 92.5 Purity Silver  Ganesh Pendant
Catalog :1385 Items(31)
USD $671.85
American Diamond 92.5 Purity Silver  Necklace
Catalog :1384 Items(10)
USD $3,003.49
American Diamond 92.5 Purity Silver  Earring
Catalog :1383 Items(21)
USD $958.96
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Indian Bridal Jewelry Sets Wholesale from Zaasmart

The Indian Jewelry consists mainly of three types. Real jewelry made of gold, diamonds, platinum. Stylist & trendy jewelry made of silver or alloy. Imitation jewels made of cheap metals and stones. Women world over are wearing all the three types on different occasions.

Zaasmart brings the latest range of ladies jewelry at wholesale rates. Shop online from our website & get delivered to USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Panama by our express courier partners. 

We cater to our B2B clients worldwide. Designer boutique ornaments for reselling for your shop, mall or online business.

Women, Girls & Ladies Jewelry><br></p><p style=

History of Indian Jewelry

The Indian Subcontinent has a long history of all types of jewels. It went through a lot of changes from time to time. There is a big influence on culture and politics since last 5000 years. India had a big source of precious metals, diamonds, and gems. 

The people of Indus Valley civilization were the first to make gold rings, earrings, necklaces, bead necklaces, bangles of metal. The jewelry designs were inspired by Hindu religion. Gold & Silver are considered as holy metals by Hindus. Both are the quintessential materials in India. 

All of the Indian subcontinent population wore jewelry. But the royal families of kings and queens have a special connection to it. They wore heavy bridal sets, earrings, and bangles with precious stones like diamonds, gems, pearl, ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, coral, etc. It was considered as the symbol of prosperity. 


City of Diamonds

Surat is famously called the diamond city in the world. 80% of the world's diamonds manufacturing and export of diamonds is done in Surat. Thousands of people are involved in the manufacturing, trading & exports of diamonds. 

Several kinds of diamonds are available for jewelry. Round, flat, long, etc. The pricing of a diamond depends on the shade, cut, and size of the stone. It enhances the look and value of an ornament. It is the hardest metal on earth with extraordinary shine.

Modern Trends in Girls Jewelry

In today's times, girls jewelry selection is done according to the garments and occasions. Lightweight necklaces or sets for a party, heavy bridal sets for the wedding, trendy bracelet for casual wear. Numerous designs are available depending on the price and quality. 

Jewelry designing is also done in computers by a few clicks. Stunning designs are made to attract the buyer world over. Man-made and machine made items are available in the market. 

Zaasmart Pricing for Jewelry

We bring in the best pricing structure for our worldwide customers. We supply at wholesale and manufacture rates. Best discounts are given on bulk purchase. Rates are finalized keeping in mind the profitability of our buyers. 

Our online catalogs are easy to view and order by just a few clicks. Give us a call or chat with us online for your requirements. Sales representatives are available all time for your queries. So what are you waiting for? Login & get your favorite jewelry online and get delivered to your doorsteps anywhere in the world.