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Wedding Turban Wholesale

Web-based shopping malls are a convenient form of shopping. Among these web-based shopping malls, Zaasmart is an exclusive choice for you. Zaasmart is an online megastore that allows you to shop your favorite branded clothes from our platform. We specialize in selling clothes and accessories for men, women, young girls and children. We have a wide variety of traditional clothes as well as Western clothes.

Moreover, we deliver to more than two hundred countries across the globe, all you need to do is to log in to our website, place an order and get your things delivered to you in no time.

Male Accessories

Talking about accessories, headwears are common nowadays. Zaasmart suggests that you purchase a traditional turban from our platform. In case you're a retailer or in the event that you need to begin another business of selling various different types of turbans yet you don't know where you'll have the capacity to get your hands on traditional and also present-day styles at the same time, you can quit pondering. Zaasmart is here to save your business. We have everything you need in store for you and that too on wholesale rates.

A wedding turban is a form of headwear that is based on the wrapping of cloth around the head. It is worn as a traditional headwear by men all over the World. It features many variations depending upon culture. It is a common headwear in Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Afghanistan, Middle East, Arabian Peninsula, Near East,  North Africa,  North America,  North America, parts of the Swahili Coast and the Sahel.

Turban is a traditional headwear among Sikhs. It is sometimes worn by Sikh women too. A turban is also seen as a religious observance among Muslims as they regard it as a Sunnah Mu'akkadah.

Moreover, turbans are frequently worn on the basis of prestige and nobility without any religious discrimination.

Worldwide Acceptance with Grace

The main origin of a turban is not confirmed. However, some ancient civilizations used to wear turbans to cover their heads, for instance, Mesopotamia and Ancient Indian civilizations. The soldiers of the Byzantine army used to wear a specific type of turban known as phakeolis. It was then worn in Turkey in the twentieth century where it is still used. The color or shade of a turban is used to specify the tribe of that person.

With the advancement of technology in the present day, the Internet offers individuals more convenience. With the assistance of the Internet, individuals can do a lot of things without going out, such as paying bills, watching movies and seasons, ponder on the web et cetera.

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Types of Turbans

Turbans can be of various colors, shapes, and sizes. People living in Horn of Africa, Central Asia, Middle East, South Asia and the Philippines generally wind it anew for every wearing. They use long strips of various fabrics. The length of the fabric used is mostly five meters.

Some well developed South Asian turbans have a permanently formed shape and are sewn to a foundation. They can be large, small or modest depending on traditions, religion, region or culture.

Turban was also a type of traditional headwear worn by women living in the Western countries. Turban-wearing, today, is not as common among women in Western countries as it used to be in the nineteenth and twentieth century. Turbans that are sewn to a foundation can be worn and removed with an ease.

Some common types of turbans available include men’s double patti, chand tora, amritsar dhamala, basic dhamala, common sikh dastar, patka, Patiala shahi turban, keski dastar etc.

Embellishments Used

The embellishments used on a turban changes the overall look of your outfit. The embellishments can be anything and can be used anywhere on the turban. These embellishments are often used to decorate the borders of the turban too, for instance, colorful piping etc. The embellishments may include silver embroidery, golden embroidery, real pearls, glass work, beads, metal beads, wooden beads, lacework, glittery stones, kundan, zardozi, sequins etc.

A large number of fabrics can be used for the making of a turban and depends a lot on the choice of the wearer.

Turban wholesaler is a perfect option for special occasions like parties, weddings, receptions, festivals, Eid and Diwali etc. They also make for graceful and stylish headwears. Moreover, you can even wear a less embellished turban for a family dinner.

Zaasmart Palette of Turbans

Turbans put in front of you a great style and variation, therefore, Zaasmart has created a colorful and stylish palette of branded turbans to grace your closet just by sitting in front of your computer in your pajamas. Zaasmart’s collection of turbans is inspired by traditional Indian and Bollywood styles. Zaasmart has a large collection of turbans that are embellished with kundan work, gota kinari, mirror work and beautiful traditional embroidery.

They are a perfect choice for you if you want to attend a wedding ceremony or a traditional festival. Log onto Zaasmart’s online website today and shop from their wide range of traditional and modern turbans available in various hues and designs.

You can even customize your order as Zaasmart allows you to have customized turbans according to your needs. Laced with embroidery and featuring the culture of various areas including Punjab, Kashmir etc, these turbans must be one of your go-to accessories.

Zaasmart Wholesale Turban Suppliers, Manufacturers & Dealers

With the help of Zaasmart, you can buy your favorite turbans via many payment gateways like PayPal, Visa international or Mastercard. Zaasmart employes leading courier companies of the World, therefore, your order will be safely delivered to you in a stipulated time without any delay. Moreover, if your product turns out to be damaged, you can contact Zaasmart’s customer care team and get it replaced as we have a flexible return policy.

So internet shopping turns into the most helpful and most ideal path for the busy individuals. Many individuals pick shopping on the web additionally in light of the fact that they can't stand those swarmed conditions and long queues. For shopping on the web, they simply need to pick the product they need, put it in a cart, place an order and pay for it on the web, and afterward, shopping is done.

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