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Women Tops, Boutique Shirts & Tees Wholesale

A top is also a type of shirt that covers most of the upper body including your chest and belly-button. It covers the area between your neck and waist. They can be as short as a crop top or as long as your mid-thigh or knees. They are worn with pants, skirts, and jeans.

Their designs are unique and beautiful. The neckline may be as high as a hood, or as short as you want it to. It can be loose or tight depending on the preference of the wearer.

It may be sleeveless, strapless or may have full sleeves, half sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, cap-sleeves or spaghetti sleeves. The back of a top may cover your back or leave it open to flaunt some skin. They may have straps that look chic and stylish.


Shirt, tops & tees for girls. Women tops.

Types of Tops

The various types of tops include tank tops, crop tops, tube tops, jean tops, halter tops, and turtlenecks. A tank top is usually sleeveless with a single strap on your shoulder. A crop top has a high waistline that exposes your belly. A tube top is wrapped around your bust. It does not have sleeves or straps.

A jean top can be any type of top that is made up of denim. A halter top has a single strap that wraps around your neck. A turtleneck is a tight and fitted top that has a high collar. The collar is folded to cover your neck.

Ladies Shirt

A shirt is a garment that covers the upper part of the body from the neck to the waistline. It is a wider term that is used for all types of upper garments. A shirt consists up of collar, sleeves, cuffs and a vertical opening with a lot of buttons. It can also be worn with a tie.

Types of Shirt Sleeves & Opening

A shirt may be sleeveless or strapless. However, most shirt designs have full or half sleeves. It can also have three quarter length sleeves.

Shirts with full sleeves can be distinguished by the presence of cuffs at one end. These cuffs may also have buttons or studs.the hem of a shirt may hang to the waist, leave the belly open, cover your crotch, cover half or your legs or hang down all the way to your knees as a pajama shirt.

A shirt may have a vertical opening on front or back that consists up of buttons or zippers that are fastened. A shirt can have a side opening or not depend upon the design of the shirt. It may have a collar or collarless with V-neck shape. Most of the shirts are not complete without a pocket or a hood.

Types of Shirt & Fabric

The most common types of fabrics used for the fabrication of a shirt include plain weave, twill, Oxford, and satin. However, viscose, silk, cotton, hemp, wool, and polyester are also used. The various types of shirts include button-ups, button- downs, camp shirts, dress shirts, dinner shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, tunics, camisoles, sweatshirts etc.

Girls Tees

A Tee is a type of shirt that is named so because of its T shape of sleeves and body. It usually has a round neckline and half sleeves. It lacks a collar. It may also have a V-shaped neckline. They are made up of lighter and inexpensive fabrics. They are easy to wash and clean. They are made up of cotton usually but maybe knitted or woven.

Tees are an evolved form of the undergarments that were worn in the nineteenth century and mid-twentieth century. They made a transition from undergarments to casual wear and are now famous among women due to the comfort they provide.

Originally, trees were worn as an undershirt. But nowadays they are worn as the only piece of top clothing to cover the upper half of the body. This practice is becoming frequent among young women as they slip on a tee and jeggings and feel comfortable all day long.

Types of Tees 

A tee typically extends to your waistline. However tall tees are also available that extend to your knees. These long t-shirts also were worn by women as a nightwear. Similarly, T-shirt dresses are equally famous among women. They look chic, stylish and are comfortable at the same time.

Cropped tees are also available on the market that exposes your midriff. Another popular trend in tees is wearing a short sleeved short tee over a long sleeved long tee known as layering. Fitted, Tailored and baby doll tees are also in fashion nowadays.

Some brands have also introduced decorated tees with various characters, designs and digital prints. Tees are also used to spread important and significant messages. Tie-dyed and screen printed shirts are also used for advertising, useful messages or protest art messages.

Monster tees are the tees that are decorated with motifs and sequins.  Screen printed tees have also flourished in this age of fashion. They are used to make a personal and political statement.

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