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Blue Silk Embroidery Wedding & Bridal Designer Wholesale Lehenga Choli
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Girls Lehenga Choli Wholesale

Lehenga choli, also known as ghagra choli, is a traditional dress of girls from the sub-continent. It is notable in various Indian states including Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, and in Pakistan, Bangladesh, various regions of Nepal, Sri Lanka and South Asian countries.

How a Lehenga Choli has evolved

It has been evolved from an ancient three-piece ensemble worn by women in India. The ensemble included Antariya, Uttariya, and Stanapatta.

 A choli is a shirt, kurti or blouse that covers your upper body parts from neck to waist. Traditional Indian cholis expose your midriff and are analogous to blouses worn with designer sarees. It is cut in such a way that it hugs all parts of your upper body. Usually, a choli has short sleeves and low necklines. However, in various religious cultures, a choli may have full sleeves with high necklines. The cropped designs of choli that expose your belly-button are common in India and South Asian countries. 

It is a type of skirt that is long and may be embroidered or pleated. It is secured at the waist if it has to hide your midriff, but for a bare midriff, it must be secure below your waist, on your hips. There are various types of lehengas that include a fishtail lehenga, a pencil skirt type lehenga etc.

History of Lehengas

Previously, in the 20th century, girls used to wear lehengas that end at their ankles. These lehengas used to expose the ankles and toes decorated with jewelry. It was used to determine the marital status of a girl. For young girls, the ankles and toes were not decorated with jewelry.


Lehengas were created in two to three layers of a fabric known as khaadi at that time. Khaadi lehengas used to form a flare but remained straight and were decorated with gota, embroidery, and beads on special occasions like weddings and Diwali. These types of lehengas can still be seen in the rural areas of the sub-continent, particularly during festivals. 

The dupatta, also known as chunri in India, is a shawl or a scarf that is worn with lehenga choli. Until today, the most decorated part of lehenga choli is dupatta, Sometimes, lehenga and choli are left plain and the dupatta is decorated and embellished heavily that created an elegant look.

The dupatta can be worn in many different styles. The most common style of draping a dupatta is tucking one of its end at one side of lehenga, then wrapping it around the waist and over your head or shoulder. Sometimes both ends are tucked in the lehenga for ease and comfort. In previous times, the main purpose of dupatta was to use it as a veil. But nowadays, dupatta is usually used as an accessory. It can be seen around the neck or at one side.

Women who worked in the farms tucked both ends of dupatta into their choli.

The dupatta is traditionally seen as a symbol of modesty as its main purpose is as a veil. There is no single way of wearing the dupatta, and as time evolved and fashion modernized, the style of the dupatta has also evolved.

Fabrics & Stitching

Lehenga choli can be fabricated from a number of different fabrics, for instance, khadi, cotton, georgette, silk, net brocade, crape, chiffon, and satin. The preferred form of fabric used to create a lehenga is silk.

There are a number of decorative stitching patterns that play a role in the making of a lehenga choli.

The craftsmanship of Girls Lehenga

There are a wide variety of decoration and embroideries that are done on lehenga choli that includes phulkari, chikankari, gota kinari, shisha work, zardozi, nakshi, zari, kundan etc. For weddings and other special occasions, pearls, sequins, and precious stones may also be used.

The embellishments used on lehenga choli can make or break the overall look of the saree. The embellishments can be used anywhere on choli or lehenga. These embellishments are often used to decorate the borders of the lehenga too or sleeves and neckline of choli.

The embellishments may include silver embroidery, golden embroidery, real pearls, glass beads, metal beads, wooden beads, lacework, mirror work, glittery stones, kundan, zardozi, sequins etc.

Latest Designs & Trends of Girls 

Lehenga choli is one of the most favorite girl ensembles that is worn by girls all over the World and irrespective of their age during weddings, festivals, and other special occasions. It is available on in a number of various fabrics with various different, modern and traditional decorative options. It is also one of the most common attires for brides in Pakistan and India and a traditional attire in Gujarat and Punjab.

Girls outfits from Zaasmart 

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