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Saree – The Ancient Wear

Saree is one of those dresses of ancient times that has survived till now and still is considered as an important outfit for weddings and other functions. It consists of a long piece of unstitched cloth worn by wrapping it around the lower body. It makes you look elegant and graceful, therefore, Zaasmart proposes that you get yourself that red statement saree for your big day from our platform.

You can also get a custom-made saree according to your specifications. You can have customized sleeves and necklines. You can have a bareback or you can cover your midriff with Zaasmart’s customized sarees.

Saree though worn all around the world but is originally an ancient Indian traditional dress. It is a major part of Indian weddings even now and most of the bridesmaids want to wear a saree on their big day. Usually, a bright red saree is used on the occasion with golden embellishments. The actual shape and styling of saree have changed over the course of time encompassing the modern trends and fashion styles. But saree still is a traditional part of South Asian weddings.


Saree Layering & Material Description 

Saree consists of a long drape whose length varies from four meters to eight meters and width varies from three to four feet. The drape is generally wrapped around the waist with the other end over the shoulder, exposing the midriff. The saree is draped in various styles, sometimes the shoulder end is worn turning it from the front covering the chest and other times it is wrapped over the back on the shoulder and then falls on the front of the body.

Ancient saree was a three-piece outfit having a lower piece of clothing, a drape over shoulder or head and a cheat band. The saree is generally worn over a petticoat.

It has a fitted blouse underneath it. The blouse may have deep necklines or maybe have a bareback. The blouse generally has short or no sleeves at all. The blouse in traditional Indian sarees is also cropped at the midriff.

The saree may also have various traditional embroideries on the choli, for instance, mochi, kharak, kathi, gota patti, pakko, gamthi, phulkari, and suf.

Half & Lehenga Saree for Wedding

Nowadays numerous fashion trends and styles have changed the ancient saree, i.e. a half and half saree. The name is given to the saree because of the two colors, one for the drape and the other for the blouse, both colors are in contrast with one another.

Another form is the lehenga saree which is famous for weddings. This form of saree is a combination of the traditional lehenga choli dress and the ancient saree.


The Wedding Sari 

The wedding sarees designs are generally red in color with golden dapka or gota kinari work on the drape and sometimes on the blouse as well. Earlier silk was used as the main fabric for a saree but with the evolution of fashion trends, other fabrics are considered also like georgette, satin, and tissue.

Similarly, different colors other than red are also used. Most of the weddings of today prefer other shades of red like maroon and crimson, similar colors like pink and orange and sometimes even gold. Western countries usually wear white and cream sarees with gold embellishments.

There are various types of latest wedding sarees. Among them include sambalpuri wedding sarees catalog, Zardosi sari, Banarasi wholesale price wedding sarees, Resham saree,  bandhani saree, Assam silk,  gota sari and neriyathum saree.


Pallu & Sleeves of Wedding Saree 

For the marriage, the pallu is decorated the most and with utmost care as this the part that is seen most while the wedding family is wearing one. The pallu or the drape may be decorated with gold/silver dapka work, gota kinari or sometimes golden/silver taar work. These are also covered with precious stones threaded neatly with the fabric to add further to the grace and beauty of the dress.

The next most important part of the saree is the blouse, as it’s the one responsible for making or breaking the overall look. In Rajasthani style, the blouse comes with a bareback. The blouse sometimes may be deep necked and wider at the shoulders. Sleeves might vary from half sleeves to cap sleeves and sometimes to even no sleeves at all. The blouse is sometimes plain without any further embellishments and decoration if the pallu is too heavy.

And sometimes it is covered with beautiful work on the edges of sleeves, neck and above midriff portion, matching the pattern on pallu. The blouse is never meant to conceal rather it enhances the personality and attitude thus giving the family an additional plus point on her big day.

Zaasmart Branded & Non-Branded Saree

Bridesmaids nowadays prefer different types of branded sarees wholesaler. Brands focus on the traditional cuts and styles while making one and market them focusing that cut.

These styles include the Rajasthani saree, Banarasi saree that shows Mughal patterns, jeevaram silk saree that is one of the best forms of silk and Southern saree that is made of Mysore silk and consists up of beautiful kasuti embroidery with elegant hues and designs.

Saree on a marriage can do wonders when worn with proper accessories. You can even get these accessories from Zaasmart by logging in placing the order for your favorite necklace that complements your saree.

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