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Purple Georgette Thread Party Wholesale Designer Salwar Kameez
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Blue Cotton Thread Party Wholesale Designer Salwar Kameez
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Red Cotton Hand Work Party Wholesale Designer Salwar Kameez
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Green Cotton Embroidery Party Wholesale Designer Salwar Kameez
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Blue Cotton Embroidery Casual Wholesale Designer Salwar Kameez
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Orange Cotton Embroidery Party Wholesale Designer Salwar Kameez
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Orange Silk Embroidery Party Wholesale Designer Salwar Kameez
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Blue Cambric Digital Print Party Wholesale Designer Salwar Kameez
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Cream Cotton Embroidery Party Wholesale Designer Salwar Kameez
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Stylish Straight Cut Salwar Kameez

Are you one of those individuals who has had enough of the long Anarkali dresses? Although we used to love the royal look Anarkali dresses provide us with, the age of these dresses is long gone. Are you looking for something new that is comfortable than an Anarkali dress but still makes you look like a diva?

Then straight salwar kameez is here to save you. This much-needed change from long frocks and dresses is brought by the designers and fashionistas.


Wholesale Straight Suits

One of the latest trends in shopping is the establishment of online clothing stores that allow you to find quality clothes without spending a lot of time and money. One of the greatest perks of online shopping is that it is convenient in a way that you can shop whenever you want to from the comfort of your bedroom.

Among these online clothing stores, Zaasmart is the perfect choice for you. Zaasmart provides you with the best quality branded clothes available on the Indian market. From T-shirts to salwar kameez and sarees, everything is available on Zaasmart, without any gender and age discrimination.

Are you looking for custom made clothes according to your specifications but not sure where to look for? Zaasmart is an ideal choice for you. It provides an additional advantage by allowing you to have your favorite clothes custom made depending on your needs. We let you have custom made shirts with your desired lengths, sleeves and necklines.

Zaasmart Wholesale Buying 

Are you a fashion lover? Are you looking for the latest fashion trends in wholesale rates? Then the fall, summer and winter collections available on Zaasmart are the best choice for you. We provide you with classy, exquisite and elegant designs. These designs include stylish off-shoulders, cap-sleeves, crop-tops, long shirts, short kurtis, round bottoms, palazzos, chudidars and strapless designs.

There is a long list of all the best quality Salwar Suits available in the fashion world at Zaasmart. All you need to do is to log in to our website and place your order.

Straight Cut Dresses Styles, Fabrics & Colors

Straight salwar kameez is a traditional dress in Pakistan. It is a staple choice of the women living in India, Bangladesh, and South Asia. Straight salwar kameez is also known as an A-line salwar kameez. It is a new fashion trend. It displays style and dignity and makes you look fascinating and gorgeous. It consists of a straight cut kameez in an A-line shape that is simple yet stylish.

The kameez may be long or short. Generally, knee lengths are preferred. The salwar is straight that is a little wide at the top and a little wide at the bottom. It is neither loose like a Patiala salwar nor well-fitted like a chudidar pajama.

They are available in a wide array of colors, patterns, embroideries and designer varieties at Zaasmart. It can be made from a number of fabrics, for instance, lawn or cotton for summer wear, and satin or silk for winter wear. You’ll be astonished to see the variety of straight salwar kameezes available at Zaasmart.

Dupatta & Looks 

Straight salwar kameez can also be worn with a dupatta or a shawl that may be simple or embellished. The dupatta may be patterned or simple in various bright, nude and pastel hues according to the color of your dress. You can wear it around your neck as an accessory or tie it on the front or onto your bag for a more chic look. Dupatta will add spice to your overall look and will make you look more elegant and classy.

Types of Straight Cut Suits 

There are a number of factors as to why straight salwar kameez is the first and foremost choice of women all over the globe.

The straight salwar kameez looks good with every type of sleeves including the half-sleeved, quarter-sleeved, full sleeved or sleeveless.

Moreover, there are a variety of necklines available to select according to your preference. These include a collar, V-shaped, round-shaped, U shaped, squares, asymmetrical decorated with various laces and sequins. You can select a neckline design that you think complements your figure and personality.

The straight kameez can be worn with anything including a straight salwar, palazzo, trousers, pants, Patiala salwar etc. You can choose the bottom that enhances your overall look and makes you feel good about yourself. Also, A-line kameez has the ability to hide all your flaws efficiently. It makes flabby women appear slim and fit. Straight cut salwar kameez offers more variety than others and can be worn for any occasion.

Occasions, Culture & Work

You can wear them to work in the morning and to a night out with friends in the evening. Our rates are affordable and they are available in a number of designs. These are the attributes for which straight cut salwar kameez is preferred by females.

With Zaasmart, you can restyle and redesign your wardrobe with an elegant and classy collection of straight salwar kameez styles. Zaasmart’s collection is beautiful, elegant, chic and represents the various traditions and cultures across the globe.

Embellishments, embroidery, and hues also play a significant role in the success of Zaasmart online services. If you want to look like a diva on your best friend's birthday party or your favorite cousin’s wedding ceremony, you can shop your straight cut salwar kameez today from by logging onto the website.

Support to Retailers 

Zaasmart works for the satisfaction of our retailers and customers. We have a friendly customer care support team that will respond to each and every query that you have in a professional manner. 

We have a safe and protected method of payment that allows you to pay with the help of Paypal, Mastercard or a Visa. Moreover, Zaasmart is working in collaboration with the leading courier companies of the World. Therefore, your order is safe with Zaasmart.

Easy Shipping 

Zaasmart’s shipment process is also very easy and secure. We ship to more than two hundred countries across the globe. You’ll receive your order in a number of business days after placing it on the website. You don’t even have to worry about damaged or unsatisfactory products because we have a return policy of seven days that will allow you to replace your damaged piece of clothing with another.

You can also track the shipment of your clothes and products with a tracking service provided by Zaasmart. This tracking code will let you know when to expect the delivery of your clothes and goods.

 Do you want to have that spotlight on you? Get set and grab your clothes from Zaasmart. We will let you stand out from the crowd. You’ll love our collection of online clothes. We will not fail to disappoint you, ever.