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Blue Tafeta Embroidery Party Wholesale Panjabi Salwar Kameez
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USD $102.38
Pink Georgette Embroidery Party Wholesale Patiala Salwar Kameez
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USD $93.81
Purple Silk Mirror Party Wholesale Punjabi Salwar Kameez
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USD $68.25
Green Polyester Embroidery Party Wholesale Punjabi Salwar Kameez
Catalog :6658 Items(5)
USD $101.24
Red Silk Embroidery Party Wholesale Punjabi Salwar Kameez
Peach Cotton Embroidery Party Wholesale Patiala Salwar Kameez
Catalog :6450 Items(12)
USD $49.46
Black Velvet Gota Patti Party Wholesale Patiala Salwar Kameez
Catalog :6410 Items(4)
USD $101.67
Green Silk Mirror Party Wholesale Patiala Salwar Kameez
Catalog :5774 Items(4)
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Black Tafeta Mirror Party Wholesale Patiala Salwar Kameez
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Buy Latest Punjabi Patiala Suits

We have got all latest Punjabi Suits catalog design that would be liked by every lady. Zaasmart is a wholesale Punjabi Patiala Salwar Suits website which delivers full catalog to more than 200+ Countries including USA, Uk, Australia, Canada etc.

High quality stunning Punjabi dresses in multiple color option including various pattern and can be bought online at wholesale price. Zaasmart manufactures a number of casual and fancy ladies Punjabi suits that you can wear them to a party, or a night out with your family. You can also wear this to your office as it looks stylish yet is comfortable.

Punjabi Salwar Kameez

Ladies Punjabi Salwar Kameez has taken the World by a thunderstorm. It finds its roots in the provinces of Punjab and Gujrat. It is a traditional dress. The kameez is short and is cut differently. It is usually flat and straight with side chaaks although the original forms of kameez did not have any side slits or openings.

These side chaaks allow the wearer with free movements. The kameez may also have a round bottom. The salwar is loose at the top and is closed and fitted at the ankles with the mid-section of the salwar also being a little narrow than the top section. Zaasmart is the hub of Wholesale Punjabi Salwar Kameez catalog as we manufacture more than 100 units every day.

Technological Advancement

Technology is advancing day by day. With the advent of technology, internet based web stores have allowed individuals to shop from the comfort of their homes without wasting their precious time and money.

These online shopping malls offer individuals with best quality clothes and services. Among these online shopping malls, Zaasmart is an ideal option. Zaasmart allows you to find and buy your favorite clothes just by logging into the website from your home and placing your order.

Salwar Dresses

Salwar kameez suit is a traditional dress that has always been prominent. It is considered as a cultural dress and is famous in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other South Asian countries. It is a comfortable dress that is simple yet looks stylish and beautiful. Women all over the World are looking for their favorite salwar kameezes online especially Punjabi salwar kameez due to the effortless and classy look it offers.

Retail Support from Zaasmart

But what if you’re a fashionista yet you’re not sure where to buy your favorite piece of Punjabi salwar kameez? Or what if you want to start a small scale business but you cannot find the perfect salwar kameezes at reasonable rates? Or what if you cannot find anything to wear to a fancy party at a friend’s house? You can stop wondering now.

Because Zaasmart is here to fulfill your dreams and let you pick your favorite Punjabi salwar kameez online at wholesale rates. Moreover, you can have your Punjabi salwar kameez customized according to your requirements. You can have custom made kameezes, with your own desired lengths, sleeves and necklines.

Patiala Dress Construction

The Punjabi salwar kameez also comprises of a Patiala salwar. Patiala salwar is loose at the top and a little fitted at the ankles. It comprises of pleats that are beautifully designed so that they add attractiveness and class to your outfit. Its freely flowing silhouette is breath-taking and astonishing yet comfortable when it is worn with a stylish kurti.

Fashion Trends, Color, Fabric & Embroidery

This outfit is now famous all over the World. It has made its way in almost every walk of life. It is worn by Bollywood actresses who have raised their importance to a whole new level.

They are available in pastel and nude colors as well as in bright colors with beautiful patterns. It is also available in a number of fabrics including silk, cotton. The shirts may also consist of net and velvet and maybe embellished with gota, beads, and sequins.

They may be embroidered. The rulers of Punjab used to wear loose salwars with fitted tops that represented their culture and ethnicity.

Modern women and fashionistas have borrowed this style from the Maharajas and they are wearing it as casual wear as well as formal wear. You can experiment with various colors, patterns, and hues when it comes to Punjabi salwar kameez.

You can combine various colors together, for instance, the hues range from light green Punjabi salwar kameez to a red salwar kameez. You can have a red Patiala salwar with a blue embellished shirt and a fancy dupatta draped across the shoulder. They are available in amazing colors, designs, and patterns on Zaasmart. Zaasmart also provides you with a number of best fabrics. You can select yours depending on your culture, weather, area, and preference.

Types of Punjabi Salwar Kameez

Punjabi salwar kameez consists up of various types.

  • These include the Potohari suit that comprises of a salwar that is a little wide with a few folds and a wide kameez. It may also have a scarf that resembles a shawl.
  • Saraiki salwar kameez comprises up of a combination of the Multani salwar kameez and the Bahawalpuri salwar kameez.
  • The Multani salwar kameez consists up of a salwar that is very loose and baggy and consists up of a number of folds. It is worn with a traditional chola.
  • However, the Bahawalpuri salwar kameez consists up of a very wide salwar with voluminous folds. It is worn with a Bahawalpuri kurta.
  • An ancient form of Punjabi salwar kameez comprises of a suthan and a kurta. 

Occasional Wearing

Zaasmart will provide you with a number of casual and fancy Punjabi salwar kameezes. You can wear them to a party, or a night out with your family. You can also wear this to your office as it looks stylish yet is comfortable. 

Are you invited to a wedding or a party but you don’t have enough time to actually go to a store and buy your favorite Punjabi salwar kameez? You can get an exquisite design for yourself now at Zaasmart’s online website at a reasonable price.

You can purchase your favorite Patiala salwar kameez in dazzling, bright, nude and pastel colors and can pair them up with silver or gold accessories available at Zaasmart to stand out in a party or wedding you’re invited to. 


Zaasmart has a secure payment method. Customers can pay via Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. Moreover, your product will be delivered to you before the big event. You don’t have to worry about delayed deliveries anymore. There is also a tracking method that will allow you to track your product and know when it is expected

Customer Care

The customer care team will also help you out any queries that you have. They have a friendly atmosphere. If the product comes out to be damaged, there is a return policy of seven days. You can have your product replaced or exchanged in a number of a few business days. Your product is in safe hands with Zaasmart.

Customer Satisfaction

Zaasmart offers everything at a single place. They are working for the loyalty and satisfaction of their customers. Their main is to make their customers happy with the quality of the clothes they provide. They will never disappoint you. You can find your favorite items now and place your order. Just visit Zaasmart.