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Orange Art Silk Embroidery Kurta Pajama Kurta Pajama
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Embroidery Pink Colour Dupion Kurta Pajama
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White Colour Dupion Embroidery Kurta Pajama
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Cream Cotton Solid Men Ceremony Kurta Pajama
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Cream Cotton Solid Men Ceremony Kurta Pajama
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Men Kurta Pajama

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You might be a boutique owner who wants to specialize in selling men kurta pajama for casual as well as special events; be it for weddings, Christmas or Diwali, a gathering or even special dresses for dinner dates. This wholesale shopping center would suggest that you get yourself the statement men’s kurta pajama from their platform. Men’s kurta pajama is a two-piece attire that is an appropriate style of dressing for men in many cultures. They come in different styles and lengths depending on the customer’s preferences. The best thing about this piece of clothing is that it has a comfortable fit.

A kurta, analogous to shirt, is an upper garment that is traditionally worn in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka etc. A pajama is a pants like lower garment that is usually a little wide from top and narrows at the legs and ankles. The Stylish kurta pajama is sometimes worn with a dupatta on shoulders at formal occasions by some men.

There are various different types of kurta pajama. The straight cut kurta pajama has a little baggy kurta that ends just above or below the knees and a little loose or semi-tight pajama. It can be worn as a casual as well as a formal dress. These type of kurtas are also popular in Western countries. They may have stylish buttons and do not have slits rather plackets. A traditional form does not have a collar while modern forms may have stand-up collars or mandarin collars.

Another type of kurta is kali kurti that resembles a frock with a number of panels. It is made up of various geometrical and asymmetrical pieces and has regular panels at the front as well as on back. They can be worn with little loose or tight pajamas.

Next comes the bhopali kurta pajama that has a loose top with pleats at the waist. It flows like a skirt and is somewhere between the ankles and knees. A straight pajama is preferred with this type of kurta.

The Hyderabadi kurta pajama has a short kurtas that have a keyhole neck opening. Traditionally, it used to be of white fabric, but modern kurtas have various colors. It may also have a combination of net material.

The Lucknow kurta pajama has a shirt that can either be short or long. It has overlapping panels. It may also be embroidered with a traditional embroidery known as chikan kari.

There is a dogri kurta pajama has an open shirt that flares at the hips.

The overlapping kurta is similar to a short gown.

The Multani kurta pajama is decorated with traditional designs of Multan. Ajrak prints can be seen on it.

A phulkari kurta pajama is embroidered with phulkari embroidery.

There is a Sindhi kurta pajama that has a straight cut kurta and uses various different patterns to embroider the fabric. It also uses mirror work. They are made of heavy materials.

Summer kurtas are usually made of thin cotton or silk materials; kurtas worn in cold or winters are made of thick material, for instance, khaadi silk or wool. A normally used fabric for the kurta pajama is known as linen or a linen-cotton mix that is ideal for both summers and winters.

Kurtas are mostly tied with the help of cloth balls, tasselled ties, loops, and buttons. Wood and plastic button are often used. Decorative and metal buttons may also be used on kurtas that are worn on formal occasions. The buttons may also be decorated with the help of enameling, jewels, and other techniques.

The fabric is decorated in a number of ways. Formal and casual fabrics are decorated differently. Embroidery is most commonly done to decorate kurtas. Chikan embroidery is preferred for light wear. Buttons are used on openings and cuffs. A kurta pajama may also be decorated with jamawar and other fancy clothes. It may be tie-dye or have various subtle and elegant prints.


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