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Wedding & Bridal Velvet Multicolor Stone Wholesale Readymade
Catalog :5304 Items(14)
USD $243.58
Wedding & Bridal Georgette Red Stone Wholesale Readymade
Catalog :5303 Items(13)
USD $182.37
Wedding & Bridal Velvet Multicolor Patch Wholesale Readymade
Catalog :5302 Items(15)
USD $212.85
Wedding & Bridal Georgette Red Printed Wholesale Readymade
Catalog :5301 Items(13)
USD $192.40
Wedding & Bridal Raw Silk Maroon Beads Wholesale Readymade
Catalog :5300 Items(28)
USD $630.42
Orange Art Silk Embroidery Kurta Pajama Kurta Pajama
Catalog :5181 Items(54)
USD $1,578.92
Embroidery Pink Colour Dupion Kurta Pajama
Catalog :5167 Items(11)
USD $427.47
Embroidery Gold Colour Dupion Kurta Pajama
Catalog :5166 Items(43)
USD $1,949.40
White Colour Dupion Embroidery Kurta Pajama
Catalog :5164 Items(13)
USD $341.22
Gold Jacquard Beads Men Wedding & Bridal Dhoti Shervani
Catalog :4799 Items(27)
USD $3,480.25
Cream Cotton Solid Men Ceremony Kurta Pajama
Catalog :4765 Items(8)
USD $124
Cream Cotton Solid Men Ceremony Kurta Pajama
Catalog :4764 Items(4)
USD $49.21
Red Velvet Solid Men Wedding Dhoti
Catalog :4479 Items(5)
USD $234.44
Maroon Jacquard Patch Men Wedding Dhoti Shervani
Catalog :4478 Items(13)
USD $2,297.80
White Imported Fabric Patch Men Ceremony Sherwani
Catalog :4475 Items(26)
USD $4,923.34
Multicolor Taffy Patch Men Ceremony Sherwani
Catalog :4473 Items(13)
USD $4,215.69
Orange Silk Patch Men Ceremony Sherwani
Catalog :4472 Items(19)
USD $4,076.97
Grey Jute Patch Men Ceremony Sherwani
Catalog :4245 Items(35)
USD $6,005.01
Cream Dupion Silk Patch Men Wedding Dhoti Shervani
Catalog :3797 Items(34)
USD $3,684.27
Red Net Beads Wedding & Bridal  Turban
Catalog :3750 Items(4)
USD $25.73
Cream Net Beads Wedding & Bridal  Turban
Catalog :3749 Items(6)
USD $46.97
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                                 Men Ethnic Wear

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Designer Men ethnic wear is a category of men’s clothing
that covers all the Indian traditional dress. It includes salwar kameez, kurtas, sherwani, dhoti, turban, bandhgala, lungi, angarkha, jama, pajama etc.

First of all, there is men’s salwar kameez that is a traditional dress of men in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and various other Asian countries. It consists up of two parts that are a salwar and a kameez. A salwar is a covering for your legs that is wider at the hips and thighs and a little narrow on your legs and becomes a little tighter around your ankles. It is analogous to pants or trousers. Then comes the kameez, also knows as a kurta. It is an upper body covering and is analogous to shirt. A kameez comes in various different lengths. It can be as shorts as more above your knees or as long as your calves. A Kameez can have various different types of sleeves that may or may not have cuffs. Similarly, it can have a number of different necklines. It can have various different types of collars or may be collarless. A kameez can also have pockets on the front or on sides. It can be made up of a number of different materials including cotton, khadi, silk, etc. A kameez or kurta may also be embellished, embroidered, printed or have buttons.

A Sherwani, also known as achkan, is a long coat or a jacket that usually has buttons through the length of it. The length of a sherwani is generally below the knees while the jacket ends just below the knee. The jacket in a sherwani has a collar that stands up known as Nehru collar. They are worn with chudidars that are tight and fitted pants or trousers. They are loose and baggy around the hips and narrow on your legs. They are worn on special occasions like weddings especially by the groom. They come in various colors including red, black, cream, neutrals, ivory, gold etc. A sherwani may be embroidered or embellished in gold and silver depending upon the occasion. Sometimes a dupatta or a shawl is added to it that looks trendy yet stylish.

A Bandhgala is a formal and evening suit. It was popular during the British Raj in the sub-continent. It is also known as Jodhpuri Suit. It is basically a Western style that consists up of a coat and a trouser, and is sometimes accompanied by a vest. It is escorted by hand-embroidered waist-coat. It is suitable for special occasions such as weddings and formal events. It is usually made up of silk, however, other materials are also used. Sometimes it is decorated with jamawari and other fancy materials and fabrics at the collar and buttons. Nowadays, there is a trend to wear contrasting trousers to complement the coat color.

A dhoti is a piece of clothing that ranges from four to six feet that maybe white in colour or strips of cotton. They may be found in various other colors too. This is traditional attire that is normally worn by men in villages. There is a specific style of wrapping that holds it in place around the waist. Sometimes they are also held in place with various ornamental, simple or embroidered belts.

There is another piece of clothing known as Mundu that is worn by men in South Asia. It consists up of long and white sarong like sheets of cloth.

A lungi is known as a traditional garment in India, as well as in Pakistan and Bangladesh. It can be tucked over the waist, maybe up to the knee-length or sometimes it is allowed to reach to your ankle. They are two types that include open style lungi and stitched style lungi. An open lungi has a plain sheet of cloth that is made of silk or cotton whereas a stitched lungi has both of its ends stitched to form a tube.

There is an angarakha too that is worn in various parts of India and South Asian countries. The style and size of angarakha may vary in various regions of the Asian continent. It is a traditional upper garment that overlaps and is tied to the left or right shoulder. It used to be a court outfit offering ease but nowadays it is seen as a formal dress for men in India.

There is a pagri or dastar, also known as a turban, that is worn by men everywhere but is usually associated with the Sikhs.

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