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Orange Art Silk Embroidery Kurta Pajama Kurta Pajama
Catalog :5181 Items(54)
USD $968.67
Embroidery Pink Colour Dupion Kurta Pajama
Catalog :5167 Items(8)
USD $180.06
Embroidery Gold Colour Dupion Kurta Pajama
Catalog :5166 Items(34)
USD $983.84
White Colour Dupion Embroidery Kurta Pajama
Catalog :5164 Items(12)
USD $203.72
Red Velvet Solid Men Wedding Dhoti
Catalog :4479 Items(5)
USD $222.78
Maroon Jacquard Patch Men Wedding Dhoti Shervani
Catalog :4478 Items(13)
USD $2,183.50
White Imported Fabric Patch Men Ceremony Sherwani
Catalog :4475 Items(26)
USD $4,678.45
Multicolor jute Solid Men Wedding
Catalog :4474 Items(19)
USD $2,288.74
Multicolor Taffy Patch Men Ceremony Sherwani
Catalog :4473 Items(13)
USD $4,005.99
Orange Silk Patch Men Ceremony Sherwani
Catalog :4472 Items(19)
USD $3,945.12
grey jute Solid Men Wedding
Catalog :4296 Items(21)
USD $1,261.91
maroon velvet Solid Men Wedding
Catalog :4295 Items(18)
USD $1,090.17
Maroon Jute Solid Men Wedding
Catalog :4294 Items(21)
USD $1,284.44
Grey Jute Patch Men Ceremony Sherwani
Catalog :4245 Items(35)
USD $5,857.59
Cream Dupion Silk Patch Men Wedding Dhoti Shervani
Catalog :3797 Items(34)
USD $3,501.01
Red Net Beads Wedding & Bridal  Turban
Catalog :3750 Items(4)
USD $24.45
Cream Net Beads Wedding & Bridal  Turban
Catalog :3749 Items(6)
USD $44.63
White Net Beads Wedding & Bridal  Turban
Catalog :3748 Items(11)
USD $77.77
Beige Silk Stone Men Wedding Sherwani
Catalog :3428 Items(23)
USD $2,421.59
White Cotton Solid Men Ceremony Kurta Pajama
White Cotton Solid Men Ceremony Kurta Pajama
Purple Cotton Solid Men Ceremony Kurta Pajama
Pink Cotton Solid Men Ceremony Kurta Pajama
Peach Cotton Solid Men Ceremony Kurta Pajama
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Men's Clothing & Jewelry Wholesale Supply

Zaasmart offers the best of Men's clothes from select brands. We supply gents ethnic wear catalogs from the latest collections. Trendy styles & designs of Sherwani, Dhoti Sherwani, Kurta Pajama, Turban, etc at manufacturer rates. High-quality classic garments for your favorite occasions like wedding, party, festivals, and much more. As a premium dealer and distributor from Surat, we offer the latest ethnic garments of premium quality from Mumbai, Delhi to our clients across the globe.

Western outfits like blazers, suits, Indo-western outfits are also in the wholesale box. Bring out the best value for you with our stylists and trendy suits, blazers for office & casual wear. 

We are also a supplier for latest fashion jewelry for a man to complete the wardrobe. Contemporary designer jewelry to go along with your personality. Nowadays gents jewels are as good in fashion as ladies.

Men Fashion Designer Clothing & Jewelry><br></div><h2 style=

Changing lifestyles through Technology

The technology is changing our day to day lives. With the quick improvement of PC and web, online shopping turns out to be very normal and assumes a vital part of the cutting edge world. The online shopping has blasting advancement in these couple of years. The development of online malls is because of the developing number of shoppers who shop on the web. Internet shopping is altogether different and advantageous from customary shopping.

Internet shopping is helpful. Online shops are open every minute of the day. Individuals who live in remote zones don't have to travel long distances to the stores. Web-based shopping is the latest wonder in the online space. Gents and ladies of any age visit the online shopping sites routinely and purchase the necessaries of life. Individuals visit online commercial centers to purchase and offer products. The most striking component in online market is that it is free of time restriction. A man can visit the online shopping website amid his available time and place requests to purchase a thing. Many individuals make their everyday purchases on the web.

Zaasmart Wholesale for Men

There are online shops that offer clothes and accessories at wholesale rates. One of such shop is Zaasmart. Zaasmart enables you to shop twenty-four hours of the day. It is an online superstore that offers garments and adornments for men, ladies, and kids on discount rates. Zaasmart provides quality garments. We ship to more than two hundred nations around the globe. Sign in on our site, view their clothes, put it in your cart and make a deal. Zaasmart will spare a considerable measure of your time and cash. We likewise have a new choice of enabling you to have your particular garments custom made according to your details.

Types of Western Products for Gents

When it comes to western menswear, there are various items available online.


First, there are suits for formal occasions. They include a shirt, a blazer or a jacket, pants, and tie. The jacket hugs your body at all the right places. The trousers are not too skinny or too loose but slim and lean. There are some buttons and vents on a suit that depends upon the choice of the wearer. They are available in navy blue, royal blue, khaki, olive, burgundy, french blue, black, grey, white and a lot more colors. The wearer can dress a suit up or down according to his preference.


Then there are waistcoats. They are an upper body covering used as an accessory and is sleeveless. They are available in various fabrics that include wool, tweed, corduroy, cotton, etc. They are available in every color, but neutral colors are preferred by buyers for a business meeting and running errands. They can be paired with many items including flannel shirts, jeans or tees.


Then there are your favorite tuxedos. They make a man look at his best. There are a lot of elegant suits available in various colors and sizes at wholesale rates that will save you in the long run.


Coats are also upper body clothing that serves as a protective covering most of the times. A coat is worn over a suit too for formal occasions. The size of coat depends upon the preference of the wearer.


T-shirts are included in the category of casual clothing for men. They are named so because of the T shape of the shirt. Ideally, the sleeves of a t-shirt must finish at your biceps. However, various sleeve lengths are also available. Staple t-shirts in white, grey and navy that offer the most versatility. Black is also an option for men who want to wear a tee while going out in the evening.


Jeans are pants made up of denim or dungaree cloth. They are available in dark blue, light blue, black, grey, distressed and faded colors. Ideally, a man’s jeans must not have any logs or designs anywhere, but there are exceptions too. They are also found in various types including skinny jeans, ripped jeans, etc.


Then some chinos and pants are a casual form of men’s clothing. You can wear a chino like you would wear jeans. They are available in every color and every shade from red to black and nudes.

Convenient Bulk Purchase

Zaasmart enables you to have a very comfortable shopping experience that saves you time and makes shopping fun. We also have a very easy and secure mode of payment such as Paypal, Visa or Master Card payment method, Western Union, etc.

Shipment procedure is also easy and secure, and it takes a few business days to be delivered to you. This online mega wholesale retail store works with the world’s leading courier services so you can rest assured that your order is in good hands. An advantage of this is that you can be at ease since there is a tracking code where you track the shipment of your order and know when to expect the delivery which is always on-time.

Return Policy Update for Menswear

Another significant advantage is that we also have a seven-day return policy that ensures that you can return the products if they are not of the correct order or damaged. This policy is agreed upon on their return order policy.

Tired of having delayed deliveries that are not up to standard? Go online today and shop from the best online whole seller that is developing day by day and brings new opportunities for you. Shop and have your order delivered with Zaasmart today. We strive to achieve the best customer experience for every client!