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White Cotton Lycra Biopolish Full Length Leggings
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Blue Lycra Solid Full Length Leggings
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Blue Lycra Solid Ankle Length Leggings
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Blue Lycra Solid 3/4 Length Leggings
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Ladies Leggings & Jeggings Wholesale Online 

With the changing trends in fashion and growing styles of looking a blend of modern and eastern in an honorable way, it has been really difficult to choose even everyday dresses. Going to colleges, universities and even offices have become too difficult not because of the hectic routine there and the workload but because of the race of looking phenomenal and different daily.

There is an unannounced competition going on every day of looking the best and eye turner. Zaasmart has helped you ace your everyday look by introducing its collection of leggings and jeggings at wholesale rates. They are a modern fashion trend and look good on any type of body equally. There it is, the solution to your problem of looking good every day.

Shop from the Net World

Computers everywhere and dependence on gadgets have made humans look towards easier ways of shopping. We nowadays are so busy that we seldom find time to spare for shopping that our mothers and grandmothers usually went on.

Login to your favorite online shopping store, scroll down and bam there is your way to a jaw-dropping look be it evening dinners, Eids, Diwali, Halloween, Christmas, weddings etc.

Zaasmart is such an online shopping website that helps you whatever type of shopper you are. Haven’t you shopped online ever? No problem, Zaasmart is the best virtual shopping buddy you can find with its extremely user-friendly website.

Are you a pro at online shopping? Hands down you will in no time give in to the superiority of how efficient and in the game this site is. Login to Zaasmart and look ethereal on every event!

Modern Day Fashion

Earlier in the South-Asia, we saw churidar pajamas or Hyderabadi pajamas as a modern look. Both attires were either worn by the elite class or the people associated with the entertainment industry of that time somehow. This trend can also be seen in the western part of the globe as ladies
jeans, tights and formal wear casual pants.

As the fashion industry saw the light of the modern day, the fashion trends and clothing cuts and patterns have changed a lot too. Not only there has been an alteration and replacement of older designs and cuts but also entirely new cuts and patterns have been introduced too.

One of these modern trends are the leggings and jeggings. There is a small difference between the two but most of the time they look alike.


Leggings are a skin-tight garment that covers the legs by completely wrapping them in it. Earlier there was a separate piece of clothing for each leg but now it’s just one piece of garment conjoined at the center covering both the legs.

In contrast, leggings are of two types, one is like denim jeans having fake pockets and a belt loop as well. The other is somewhat of a combination of both leggings and denim jeans.

The second type has the elasticity and stretches ability of the leggings and the coolness of denim jeans. They came into fashion when the demand for skinny jeans increased in the market and they became somewhat of a modern fashion trend. They fulfill the need for even tighter pants and can be worn under a skirt or even a dress sometimes. Jeggings have sometimes front fasting ability and sometimes an elastic waistband. They lack pockets though.

Leggings are like some thicker tights and mostly in black color like tights are. Leggings are made with the concept that they are to be worn under dresses and skirts like the usual tights are done but jeggings are like skinny jeans just with a non-jean fabric and more comfort.

The stitching pattern of both highlights the differences. Leggings are usually made up of a softer material than the jeggings. Jeggings not only are a replacement for skinny jeans but also look like one, having buttons, a front fly and sometimes real pockets too.

Jeggings fabrics & Color

Ladies Jeggings come in different colors and fabrics, unlike leggings. They can be of polyester, Lycra, nylon, cotton, etc. In winters, normally acrylic and woolen fabrics are preferred. There are some people who love leather jeggings as well.

As they look like jeans and are a replacement of them so they mostly come in colors like faded blue, black, brown, etc. but are now also made in customized colors as per the demand of the customer and the occasion. Both leggings and jeggings are trendy and stylish and make you look curvy and elegant at the same time.

Technicalities of Leggings & Jeggings

Leggings are often confused with tights. They resemble tights but they aren’t like them. Tights are sort of an undergarment type of thing meant to protect the body from the harshness of cold weather whereas leggings can be worn under Kurtis, skirts and even some of the baggy top styles. Leggings can be safely worn with tops that hang a bit below your hips. It looks ugly if one doesn’t take care of the overall attire so dealing with leggings is a risky business.

Jeggings, on the other hand, is a patent name by Turkish textile company ISKO. Jeggings come with the concept of having an easy and comfortable jean that looks modern and up to date yet is easy and comforting for daily routine activities. With the added backside support and enhancements, jeggings can be worn with shorter tops just like one wears with a pair of jeans.

Both fabrics and cuts give you an entirely modern a new look every day at your workplaces and give you an extra edge in the styling game and competition going on around you.

Zaasmart Leggings & Jeggings Easy Purchase

So, ready to ace your everyday life and win that styling competition going on. Login to your account and order some of the breathtaking collection of leggings and jeggings available online.

At Zaasmart you will be able to lay your hands on the branded collection of these cuts and styles. You will be updated with the modern trends related to this genre of dressing. To add further you will also be able to select from a collection of available tops and attires that go with them.

Zaasmart has an incredible PayPal system for online payment. Your product will reach you in a matter of seven days. The product will completely be in safe hands and will reach you with zero damage.

In case of some unforeseen damage, you will be equally paid and cared for. Login to the site and there you are acing your workplace!