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White Silk Thread Wedding & Bridal Wholesale Designer Saree
Catalog :6387 Items(10)
USD $278.44
Peach Silk Thread Wedding & Bridal Wholesale Designer Saree
Catalog :6250 Items(4)
USD $87.96
Multicolor Silk Thread Wedding & Bridal Wholesale Designer Saree
Catalog :6062 Items(8)
USD $723.20
Gold Banaras Silk Thread Wedding & Bridal Wholesale Designer Saree
Catalog :6060 Items(8)
USD $596.98
Pink Silk Multi Wedding & Bridal Wholesale Designer Saree
Catalog :5826 Items(12)
USD $242.03
Red Georgette Stone Wedding & Bridal Wholesale Designer Saree
Catalog :5798 Items(8)
USD $196.71
Red Georgette Stone Wedding & Bridal Wholesale Designer Saree
Catalog :5648 Items(6)
USD $57.09
Multicolor Silk Printed Wedding & Bridal Wholesale Saree
Catalog :5488 Items(12)
USD $157.43
Red Silk Hand Work Wedding & Bridal Wholesale Saree
Catalog :5487 Items(12)
USD $134.94
Red Net Zari Wedding & Bridal Wholesale Saree
Catalog :5363 Items(9)
USD $793.17
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Designer Bridal Sarees Wholesale

Wholesale price Bridal Sarees online shopping allows you to save a lot of time, energy, fuel, and money. You can shop anything from your home without actually getting into a car and doing to an actual departmental store. Moreover, online shopping portals are available 24/7. They don’t have fixed shopping hours. You can buy anything, anytime, from anywhere across the globe. You don’t even have to wait for your turn in long lines.

Moreover, there are certain times when you are embarrassed or too shy to ask the salesperson for a certain thing, for instance, a lingerie. With the help of online shopping, this problem is long solved.

Moreover, the online store also has a facility for providing you with custom-made goods and services according to your requirements. Online shopping, therefore, has become a famous means of purchasing Bridal sarees and it is getting better with every passing day.

Best Online Shopping Website for Wholesale Purchase

Among these web-based shopping malls that allow you to shop your clothes from the solace of your homes, Zaasmart is an ideal choice. Zaasmart is an online megastore that sells best-branded clothes available in India. Moreover, Zaasmart also enables you to order customized clothes.

Signature Bridal Saree

Saree is one of the most ancient and unstitched pieces of Indian clothing that has survived until today. It makes you look elegant and graceful, therefore, Zaasmart proposes that you get yourself that red statement saree for your big day from our platform.

You can also get a custom-made saree according to your specifications. You can have customized sleeves and necklines. You can have a bareback or you can cover your midriff with Zaasmart’s customized sarees.

A bridal saree is a traditional Bridal dress in India. A bridal sari is generally red in color with golden embellishments and embroidery.

Fabric, Color & Work on Bridal Saree

Silk used to be considered for bridal sarees catalog. But with the passage of time and the evolution of fashion, other fabrics are also considered nowadays. Today, georgette, satin, and tissue may also be used as well.

Aside from a traditional red saree, gold, maroon, pink and orange are also in fashion for brides nowadays. Indian immigrants in Western countries usually wear white and cream sarees with gold embellishments. There are various types of Bride wear sarees. Among them include Sambalpur, Zardosi sari, Banarasi Bridal sari, Resham saree,  bandhani saree, Assam silk,  gota sari and neriyathum saree.

B2B Business Support

Moreover, if you’re a boutique owner or you own a small clothing business, and you want to introduce sarees in your collection to spice things up, but you’re not sure where you’ll be able to purchase them at wholesale rates. No worries. Just log into Zaasmart’s online website, find your favorite stylish sarees and place your order.

Zaasmart works for the satisfaction of its retailers. They make sure that their retailers get the best available products from their platform. You won’t be disappointed ever.

Saree Pallu & Drape

Saree is a traditional Indian female dress. It is worn all over the World but is most common in India, from where it originated, and South Asia. It comprises of a long unstitched piece of cloth that is four to six yards, sometimes nine yards. One end of this cloth is wrapped around the body whereas the other end is draped over the shoulder, known as pallu. But you can wrap your saree in whatever way you want to as there are a number of ways in which you can wrap your pallu and it looks equally good.

The pallu of a saree is decorated elegantly because it is meant to show. The pallu of a bridal saree may be embroidered in gold and silver.

It may also be embellished with the help of stones, sequins, and beads. They are stitched to the fabric neatly to achieve a graceful look. 

Bridal Saree Blouse

Underneath the drape, there is a fitted blouse or choli that adds a statement to the saree. A blouse makes or breaks the look of your saree.

It may have a bareback and may show your midriff. Bareback cholis are common in Rajasthani bridal saree. The sleeves may be anywhere from sleeveless to half sleeves. Cap-sleeves are usually preferred. Bridal blouses are neatly tailored and may contain decorations, embellishments, and ruffles.

It may also be printed depending upon the design. Or may include gota patti details. A choli is not mean to conceal anything. It reveals your personality and attitude.

There is a long petticoat worn under the saree that holds it in place. A petticoat is generally made up of cotton. Modern petticoats have the ability to make you look slim and smart.

Woman beauty in Saree 

Saree pinpoints the grace of women. It makes women look beautiful and elegant. Bridal sarees may also have traditional embroidery work that includes resham, beadwork, studs, zari and precious stones and gems.

Branded sarees are more common nowadays and is preferred by brides. Saree on a bride can do wonders when worn with proper accessories. You can even get these accessories from Zaasmart by logging in placing the order for your favorite necklace that complements your saree.

Types of Bridal Saree 

There are different types of bridal sarees each with its own unique style, fabric, embroidery, and embellishments.

  • Rajasthani saree that is beautifully women to form intricate patterns.
  • Banarasi saree that shows Mughal patterns and is ideal for brides and marriage purposes.
  • Kanjeevaram silk saree that is one of the best forms of silk and consists up of a lot of zari work along with colorful threads.
  • Chiffon and Georgette sarees that are embellished with gota pattis and beautiful stones and sequins.
  • Southern saree that is made of Mysore silk and consists up of beautiful kasuti embroidery with elegant hues and designs.

Glamorous Saree for the Bride from Zaasmart

You can get your charming designer saree for your Bridal today by logging into We provide you with the best available sarees using quality materials and embellishments. provides you with the best fabrics and elegant colors.

Zaasmart enables you to pay safely via Paypal, Mastercard or Visa. Zaasmart will deliver your order to your door-step in a number of business days. You don’t have to worry that your order will not arrive at the last minute. Zaasmart also works with best courier companies of the world, therefore, your order is in safe hands.

Go check our catalog and order yourself something beautiful and elegant. You’ll love it. And never forget to suggest it to your friends too.